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Fred Richert founded his original pump business in Brookfield Wisconsin in 1936 and transitioned through four generations of Richerts. H. Malcolm Richert was the last to run the business. In 2011 H. Malcolm Richert retired and the employees purchased the equipment and started C&C Pumps.

C&C Pumps's employees were all trained by the Master H. Malcolm Richert himself utilizing his 50 years + experience. We are a blend of the old school knowledge and the latest in modern technology including camera equipment to view parts of your well that can only be seen via a camera. We have special equipment to pull pumps were the standard equipment can't be used as well as equipment for large commercial and industrial pumps.

Our company will go the extra distance to provide the best possible solution at an affordable price with the latest innovations.

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Recent FAQs

What is a well screen?

If the bottom of the well is in sand and/or gravel, the well driller may install a well screen. The well screen is a metallic cylindrical sieve-like structure which is usually attached to the bottom of the well casing or other water intake areas.

What is a pump screen?

A pump screen is a combination of a coarse stainless-steel shield and a fine screen that completely covers the pump. This disallows sand and gravel particulates from entering your water feed stream. This does slow the gallons per minute (GPM) of the pump while still allowing enough water to supply the house.